Big or Small. We provide EV solutions for any business.

At Engine EV, we’re not confined by size – we’re empowered by it. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation, our EV charging solutions are tailor-made to meet your needs. From compact startups to sprawling organizations, our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and seamless user experiences remains constant. Join us in leading the charge towards a greener future, no matter the scale of your business.

Join the electric revolution
with our fast and reliable
charging solutions.

Engine EV invites you to be part of the electric revolution with our cutting-edge, rapid charging solutions. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional fuel and hello to a cleaner, more efficient way of moving. Our charging stations are designed for speed, reliability, and convenience, giving you the power to embark on your journey with confidence. Whether you’re a passionate EV enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our fast and reliable charging solutions will keep you charged up and ready to explore the roads of tomorrow.
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With ENGINE EV charging solutions you can…

Increase foot traffic and brand awareness

Provide incentive for EV drivers to visit your location, exposing your brand and business to new and loyal customers, displaying your commitment to sustainability and customer convenience

Create an additional revenue stream

Adopting a managed EV charging station will create a passive income stream, diversifying and increasing your business income stream.

Provide essential services

EV cars require locations and time to charge, attracting new & increased dwell times by customer.

Evolve your business in line with EV adoption

EV vehicle and charging infrastructure adoption sends a powerful message to your clients about your business’s values and enhances you reputation as an innovative company

Meet sustainability goals

As the world adopts EV technology, transitioning to Electric Vehicles and installing charging infrastructure improves your business’s sustainability and lowers operational costs, keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Fully managed installation or supply only option available

Engine EV delivers turn-key supply & installation EV charging solutions or simply supply the EV charger only to suit your needs.

Our Vision: Driving Change for a Sustainable Future

At Engine EV, our vision goes beyond just powering electric vehicles – it’s about powering a global transformation. With a resolute commitment to innovation and sustainability, we’re igniting a revolution in transportation. Our founder, John Kelly, brings a wealth of experience from diverse sectors, guiding us on a path that’s not just about staying ahead of the curve, but reshaping it. We’re dedicated to creating a future where carbon emissions are a concern of the past and electric vehicles are the norm. Through cutting-edge technology, renewable energy integration, and strategic partnerships, we’re propelling the world towards a more connected, cleaner, and sustainable future.

A Legacy of Excellence: Our Story

Engine EV’s story is one of dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment. Founded by John Kelly, whose expertise spans over thirty years in various industries, our journey began with a deep understanding of the evolving energy landscape. With a strong focus on the electrical and telecommunications sectors, including optical fibre networks, John’s vision expanded to embrace the global shift towards sustainable energy utilization and generation. Engine EV stands as a testament to this visionary path, offering not just a service, but a transformational experience. Our history is rooted in collaboration, sustainability, and a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, ushering in an era of cleaner and greener mobility.

Powered by the best

Easy to use. Simple to manage.

Control your entire network from the cloud.

Our cloud-connected platform gives you control of your chargepoints and visibility of their usage. Brand your chargepoints in-app to leverage your green status further Set customisable tariffs. Manage access to your network. Monitor and report on energy usage or CO2 saved. Managed solution if required.

A Seamless Process

01 Rapid Response

When you submit an enquiry, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a site inspection with our expert team.

02 Bespoke Solution

Our expert team evaluates the building's supply and customises a cost-effective solution to meet your specific needs.

03 Seamless Installation

Experience hassle-free EV charger installation in your carpark, with options for simple plug & play or a fully managed solution.

04 Peace Of Mind

Benefit from our industry leading warranty and explore service agreements, ensuring safe and reliable long term usage.