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Curious about electric vehicle charging? Look no further – we’ve gathered all the answers you need in our comprehensive FAQ section. From installation details to technology insights, our goal is to provide you with clarity and knowledge, ensuring your journey towards electric mobility is smooth and informed. Explore our FAQ to discover the information you’ve been seeking.

Will my home electricity supply be able to charge my EV?

Most homes built or renovated post 1990 should have enough electricity supply.
On quote request ,a site audit by our expert electrical estimator, of the switchboard will determine any upgrades, if any required.

What type of Charger will my EV need?

Dependent on your charge time requirements:
8 – 12hrs with a level 1 charger, or 4 -8hrs with a level 2 charger

What is the tariff for EV charging?

EV charging is currently charged at Normal tariff for General Domestic and Commercial rates. in time, electricity retailers will offer cheaper tariffs or rebated tariffs for specific EV charging.

Can I upgrade my EV charger?

An EV charger can be upgraded by replacing the unit with a higher Level charger, E,g. Level 1 to Level 2. Upgrade possibility will be determined by the Electrical circuit cable supplying your charger and your installations overall Electrical supply or maximum demand limit.
Its a smart idea to have any EV charger cabling provision sized to suit a Level 2 Charger to allow 7KW of charging capacity.

Can I obtain Energy savings or rebates by installing an EV charger?

Some retailers offer EV tariffs and rebates for EV chargers. Additionally Local and state government bodies will need to encourage and subsidise installation of EV charging to promote a greener, low carbon outcome to meet output targets.